Our architectural services offer comprehensive solutions for all your design needs.

From initial concept development to construction management, we provide expertise in space planning, building design, interior architecture, and sustainable practices.  We also have our own inhouse certified passive house designer.

With a focus on functionality, aesthetics, end-user experience and client satisfaction, we deliver innovative and tailored architectural solutions for both the public and private sector. From modest residential refurbs to major infrastructure schemes we are dedicated to bringing your vision to reality by creating spaces that inspire, engage, and endure.


Our architectural design service offers expert guidance, design excellence, innovation and attention to detail. We believe the most effective projects are the result of close collaboration between architect and client.

Project Management

Our project management service ensures seamless coordination and efficient execution of every aspect of your project, from planning and design to construction and completion, ensuring timely delivery, adherence to budget and exceptional quality.

Integrated Design Team Service

Our Integrated Design Team Service brings together architects, engineers, and other specialists to collaborate seamlessly, delivering holistic and innovative design solutions for your project.

Feasibility Studies

Our Feasibility Studies service assesses the viability of your architectural project, providing insightful analysis and recommendations to ensure its success and cost-effectiveness.

Design & Build

Our Design & Build service offers a streamlined approach, combining architectural design expertise with construction capabilities for seamless project execution and exceptional end-to-end results.

Employers Agent

Our Employers Agent service ensures effective project management, representing the client’s interests, coordinating stakeholders, and ensuring successful delivery of architectural projects.

H&S/Principal Designer/PSDP

Our H&S/Principal Designer/PSDP service ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, providing expert guidance and coordination throughout the architectural project lifecycle.

Assigned Certifier

Our Assigned Certifier service delivers complete peace of mind around building regulation compliance, as well as overseeing inspections and certifications to guarantee quality and safety.


Our team can advise on the entire spectrum of conservation from refurbs, extensions or sensitive internal or external aesthetic alterations, including those within various Grade of Listed Buildings.

Interior Design

Our Interior Design service transforms spaces into captivating environments, blending form and function to create harmonious, inspiring, and personalised interiors that reflect your unique style and needs.

Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architecture service creates captivating outdoor spaces that effortlessly blend with the environment, enhancing aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability through thoughtful, practical design.


Our Masterplanning service provides comprehensive vision and strategic planning for large-scale developments, ensuring cohesive integration, sustainable design, and optimal utilisation of both land and resources.

Condition Surveys

Our Condition Surveys service evaluates the state of existing structures, identifying defects and providing detailed reports to inform maintenance, repair, and renovation decisions.

Access Auditing

Our Access Auditing service assesses buildings for accessibility, ensuring compliance with disability regulations and recommending modifications to create inclusive environments for all.

Expert Witness

Our Expert Witness service provides professional testimony and expert opinions in legal proceedings, offering specialised architectural knowledge and analysis for cases requiring architectural expertise.


Our Sustainability service assesses and certifies the sustainability performance of buildings, promoting environmentally-friendly design and construction practices for a greener future. We have our own inhouse certified passive house designer to support clients.

3D Modelling/CGI

Our 3D modelling/CGI service brings architectural designs to life, offering realistic visualisations and, if required, virtual tours that enhance understanding, communication, and decision-makin around potential challenges.


Our BIM service employs advanced Building Information Modelling technology to enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and streamline the design, construction, and maintenance of architectural projects. BIM is also able to identify potential buildability issues in advance so appropriate solutions can be identified.