James St South Office Refurb, Belfast

This was probably our toughest assignment ever – designing and fitting out our very own creative studio in the heart of the city centre. Our team wanted a chic city centre presence to showcase our design expertise and to create an environment that would be attractive to our growing team of professionals. The circa 2,500 sq ft floor space was completely gutted and refurbed to the high standard we offer all our clients.

Inspired by a 50s retro theme, our team took the concept and infused it with a contemporary twist, resulting in a stunning transformation that perfectly embodied our team’s ethos and personality.

The space has been transformed with the introduction of an executive office, which is the centrepiece of the design, exuding luxury and refinement. A range of stunning furniture was curated, reflecting timeless design with modern, sophisticated functionality. To add a touch of exclusivity and intrigue, the office boasts a concealed drinks’ cabinet, which allows us to entertain clients in style.

Existing walls and modular offices were removed to maximise available daylighting. The main open-plan office area recognises the importance of creativity and collaboration and now includes small, collaborative spaces, enveloped by comfortable seating areas and innovative workstations to help reflect and stimulate a sense of camaraderie.

First impressions count, and the reception area was carefully designed to create a peaceful, welcoming oasis where visitors will instantly feel at ease. The crowning jewel of the reception area is a branded sign, ingeniously inset with laminate slats which add a powerful visual element and convey our brand’s unique identity.

Acoustic performance was also carefully considered to create a productive and comfortable office through glazed acoustic screens and sound-absorbing timber battens to deliver appropriate noise levels for fluid interaction whilst also facilitating confidentiality and concentration. A range of indoor plants were curated to reduce noise levels, clean air and add to a stress-free creative office environment.

The interior design was carefully conceived to complement our new brand identity and to encourage team working, collaboration and staff interaction. A feature bungee cord wall creates physical separation between reception and the open plan office yet enables a visual connection between the two.

The internal décor exudes luxury and features subtle, natural colour tones. We worked closely with specialist bespoke furniture designers to develop interesting features that would create talking points such as feature slat walls and a 60-year-old Persian rug. The rug was sourced from Iraq and used to juxtapose old vs new and introduce personality into the firm’s new reception area. 

This two-month refurb project was delivered in a live, occupied, city centre building. Consequently, a range of measures – including out-of-hours deliveries – were undertaken to avoid disruption to other businesses in the vicinity and elsewhere in the building.

To future-proof the space, a flexible design was utilised with the inclusion of moveable walls. The project was completed ahead of programme, under budget and our team was ecstatic with the high-quality end-product.

We’re delighted to say that this project – which is so close to our hearts – was nominated as the Best Business Premises category of the Belfast Business Awards.