Derrytrasna Rd, Lurgan

This scheme was designed to seamlessly integrate 14 housing units on the edge of the village of Derrytrasna. The development is located close to the shores of Lough Neagh, approximately 30 minutes from Belfast, and has created a valuable and much-needed collection of high-quality social housing homes in this area.

The units have been carefully integrated into the space and feature generous gardens, canopies, and stone-cladding areas on the façades. These thoughtful external details and the high quality of internal finishing make it a highly successful residential development.

Our design retained existing hedges and trees along the site’s boundary where possible to preserve the character of the area and provide landscaped areas for future residents. The team also prioritised providing adequate separation distances to avoid overlooking the private amenity space between adjacent houses and a suitable car parking ratio to ensure all residents have accessibility to car parking.

Whole-life cost and sustainability were key drivers while developing this scheme, especially in terms of design quality, energy performance, and ecological impact. We have considered the effects of natural light, noise, and open space to maximise residents’ health and well-being and built flexibility into the design to accommodate changing needs and avoid the space’s obsolescence.

Our team adopted a “fabric first” approach to the design of the dwellings by maximising insulation and air-tightness as a method of future-proofing the homes. This helps ensure that energy costs will be optimised to achieve economy in life cycle costs for a comparatively low outlay. Using building materials that have low environmental impact and reduce resource depletion and waste also contributed to the development’s sustainability levels.

The design concept meets current planning policy and legalisation. The aims and objectives proposed by the NI Department for Infrastructure’s guides Improving the Quality of Housing Layouts and Creating Places guides have been met in the proposal to create a high-quality residential environment.

This residential development on Derrytrasna Rd was well received by end-users and immediately fully occupied at handover stage.